Kobe Bryant: basketball legend died in a helicopter crash

Kobe Bryant basketball legend died in a helicopter crash

American basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, died in a helicopter crash in the city of Calabasas, California along with his daughter, Gianna, and seven other people.

According to reports, the 41-year-old former athlete was traveling in a private helicopter when the vehicle crashed and exploded. Apart from Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, the identities of the other victims have not been disclosed.

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The US National Basketball Association said they were “deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna,”.

” Kobe showed us what is possible when extraordinary talent meets utmost devotion to win,” said the NBA.

The five-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers is considered one of the greatest players in the history of basketball.

What do we know about the accident?

According to a statement by the Calabasas City government, “the vehicle crashed in the remote Las Virgenes open field at around 10:00 this morning. No people on the ground were injured.”

Gavin Masak, a local resident, told CBS News the seconds after the helicopter crashed.

“It sounded not exactly like an explosion, but like a loud thud. It sounded like a helicopter, but like a jet, very loud. I then went into the house and told my father what was going on. When I went outside, I saw smoke on the hill, but it wasn’t. black and large smoke, the color is gray, “said Cook.

A number of other eyewitnesses told the TMZ website that they heard the sound of the helicopter engine buzzing before it crashed.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department displayed photos at the scene, which showed a fire truck and smoke rising from a hill.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said the helicopter that crashed was a Sikorsky S-76 type. The agency said it was investigating the incident together with the National Transportation Safety Agency.

Who is Kobe Bryant?

Who is Kobe Bryant

His achievements include the NBA’s best player (MVP) award in 2008 and two times the best player at the NBA finals. He also made two appearances as the NBA’s top scorer and twice as a member of the US basketball team who won the Olympic gold medal.

In 2006, he scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors, the second-highest record in NBA history in a single game.

Off the basketball court, he won an Oscar in 2018 for Dear Basketball, a short animated film based on his love letter to basketball he wrote in 2015.

Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, have four daughters, Gianna, Natalia, Bianca and Capri.

Despite his achievements, Bryant was accused of sexual assault in 2003 by a 19-year-old woman who worked at a resort in Colorado.

Bryant denied the allegations, saying he and the woman had consensual sex. The case fell after the woman refused to testify in court.

Later Bryant apologized and stated that he realized “he [the woman] did not look at this incident the same way I did.” Peace was then reached outside the court.

How’s the reaction?

Various sports stars wrote their comments on social media after news about Bryant broke.

Shaquille O’Neal , who co-operated with Bryant at the LA Lakers between 1996 and 2004, says there are “no words to describe the pain I’m going through”.

“I love you and you will be missed,” O’Neal wrote accompanied by a photo of himself and Kobebryant in Lakers uniform.

Usain Bolt, an eight-time Olympic gold medalist, said he could not believe what was happening.

Motivation Coaching For Basketball Players

Motivation Coaching For Basketball Players

Some of us go to practice and ask, “Why did Johnny decide to go out for the basketball team if he didn’t want to try?” We spend a lot of time and energy frustrated and struggled to make players perform at optimal levels during the match.

I think that can be summarized in the sport of common phrases

“The way you practice is how the game is played.”

Many of our players have serious training and I joke and focus on the task at hand. They do not pay attention in practice and are reflected in the way they play on the court, court or track. What makes things worse is the fact that these players often have a detrimental effect on the attitude and ability to train others.

So how do you motivate all the players on the basketball team to start training hard? First, accept that always having apples is at least bad. The key is to limit the amount of influence players can have on the basketball team.

NBA Player

Here are some other methods that can be used to motivate your basketball team to train hard and play hard:

1. Supervise the efforts of the “basketball team” basketball team – often seen is the best motivator. There is no need to crack a whip on certain players, more players than others. Enough to motivate most basketball teams, giving them rewards when all work on the basketball team during practice and play.

If your coworkers don’t want basketball to work and the basketball team can’t win prizes, or worse have to do more work in the gym, you can bet that people will listen to players. I suggest that often it will be enough motivation for most online players to practice a lot.

Specify interest from the basketball team before each match – In hockey, you can set goals for all basketball team members with good nutrition in each period. If the basketball team achieves this, they will be rewarded.

The goal can be as simple as winning a match, or doing a different set of effective basketball team skills – even in defeat. As a coach, you can find a number of goals that can be achieved by the basketball team during soccer practice or even for motivating players.

2. Explain the importance of the exercise – you can use all types of training tactics for that. Start with the fact that other basketball teams prepare for them, so they need to prepare well and well for other basketball teams. You can say that improving skills is very important in raising a basketball team to the next level.

There are dozens of different motivational tactics that coaches can use to improve their basketball teams, showing them the importance of sports. The only thing you don’t have to do is negative. Always positive in their approach. Players often don’t respond to negative comments.

3. Have fun during the exerciseort – Establish the first example of an exercise that will succeed, but also. That way some of their players know they will have fun during training, but will also be fine.

This is very important for young players. At this level, you try to keep excitement and fun for players who learn the game. If you see and hear negatives and shouting coaches and sports aren’t fun, then you probably won’t see again. If so, you might not get many of them.

or a simple reader – you will not believe the positive amount of encouragement and tell the players when they did it. You can not trust. Think back to when you were a player in sports and heard his coach say you were, “Roba Joe” or “how to get the ball fast, Jenny.”

All comments help. They help more than demean or anger the player. Nobody wants to work hard for a coach to shout at his players during training or during a match. Players like coaches who lead them to victory through positive reinforcement, good training and good examples.

It’s not always easy to get the basketball team motivated to practice, but it is a starting point – especially if you also want to keep them motivated for the match. Help build motivation for players and the goals of a positive basketball team at work – by promoting a positive mindset is the best way to get the best motivator for your basketball team.

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Paul George is still “work in progress”

Hasil gambar untuk Paul George is still "work in progress"Monday afternoon, under a blue sky sprawl pastel, Paul George stood on the fishing pier at South Lakes Park in southwest Oklahoma City.

He was there to cut the ribbon at the dock kid-friendly, which is designed to look like a basketball floor with his left logo on what he and the Wildlife Conservation Oklahoma gathered to build.

the pier is something you have when playing with the Thunder before the idea of ​​working with Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles. This is one reason that when starting the queue was announced Tuesday night in Oklahoma City, George, now a member of the LA Clippers, received strong applause.

“I had a short stay here, but the way they embraced me, took me from the first day I set foot second here, it’s a big impact,” said George. “That’s why I still want to do community work here. I still want to be put in place like here Sooner like Oklahoman.”

But they also applauded because George has played some electric fans Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder had ever seen.

It was almost a year ago that George himself is a candidate to raise both the MVP and defensive player of years. It was a marksman volume, regularly hitting seven and eight 3s games on 38.6% shooting distance.

He played through questions to both shoulders, requiring surgery in the offseason. He missed the first 11 games of the season, debuted in New Orleans with 33 points in 24 minutes without effort. Month and a half is to find chemistry with his new team and get into the kind of form of the game in both directions requires 94 feet.

Hamstring injury in early January was absent again. Then came a few weeks ago

Paul George

“I am a work in progress,” George said after dominating the Clippers 109-94 victory over the Thunder. “This is a year’s hard to get hurt. Be in rotation, being out of rotation. And then just play in the new system, new players, new teammates, new coaches, new style of play. Been a bit of an adjustment for me”.

Back to the top of Thunder where by his own statement, he was playing the best basketball of his career, George at the beginning of the throat. When George found the rhythm, the handle is smooth; aggressive to 3; Step back a little tighter; Her record breeds more energetic and often. It blooms when the rhythm, and it is something he is looking to start every game. He always said that the best way to open it is to focus on the first end.

“It will always be how I go,” has said George. “Get a stop, play defense, going on, my feet moving. I took the mission to go to the head of the snake, [Chris Paul]. It’s great for this challenge.”

George holds in the range, in any system, in any situation. the game is adaptable, as it looks for ways he can have an impact. Clippers season has been full of jerky rotation, with their longer operational range of the dead star for last week, but they flexed their power after the end of the plain against the Thunder.

“Everything we were just getting ready and prepared for the playoffs,” Doc Rivers said the coach. “And [George], he just lost a lot. You can see him take some. I think he still has a cooler to do, that was so at the end of the season will tell, but with his injuries and the type of injury he has, he could not walk. Then [in] four or five games, you can see. you can see us coming, he usually when he plays well, it’s pretty good. “

Besides the 2014-15 season when he returned from injury to play only six games, George is the average of the lowest number of points per game in six seasons. Adapting to play with Leonard, Lou Williams and depth of the Clippers’ is understood to come, but he has not had much chance to hit the gas well.

“It has been doubled, he was on the minute restriction, he returns healthy,” said Leonard. “It depends on what team we play. You will see Paul George you always see, or see someone make a game, do the job. I’m happy with her game. “

Do not reduce turnover, or just minutes dilate, George is a key cog to unlock the potential of LA and push for the title. Leonard can carry the team. depth Clippers’ can win the game. But George checked his elite level in both directions on a box of almost all the league teams can handle.

“I do not know,” Leonard said when asked how the team is to reach its potential. “Because I do not know what our potential. You never know how a team can be. But we will try to be the best team possible. We are not satisfied. We want to keep improving and hopefully achieve “.

George played 27 minutes against the Thunder, but the real exercise is yet to come. He hit another postgame workout, fell into the chair in front of his sweaty locker and leave a strong expletive when he removed his teeth. So in the meantime, George will work to become the MVP caliber player he was last year, and the Clippers know what they are truly capable.

“I think every situation I was just trying to get lost in the team,” said George. “Give you. Let training, enabling it to become a teammate, brother. I just lost myself in the team. In general, good results come from there. “

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Kobe Bryant Was Born to Play Basketball, But For Him It Was Never Enough

Kobe Bryant left the NBA on his own terms on April 13, 2016, scoring 60 scores – more than any other player in the race that season – in his victory over Jazz Jazz when he drew a curtain on his 20th historic year. career.

On Sunday, the 41-year-old tragically left the world in a helicopter crash outside Los Angeles, California that killed nine people including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

The outpouring of tributes from those in and out of basketball, including Barack Obama, Rafael Nadal and former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Shaquille O’Neal, provides a brief illustration of how Bryant’s legacy will be arranged after his death.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash that killed nine people including his daughter, 13-year-old Gianna on Sunday. The Lakers legend left a formidable legacy on and off the field.

In court, he will go down as one of the biggest ever to play the game, winning five championships, two NBA Final MVPs and two Olympic gold medals, while finishing fourth in career evaluation – he was overthrown by the Lakers captain at this time LeBron James on Saturday.

Outside the court, Bryant had many things: An intellectual who easily switched between Italy, Spain and England; a father who loved four little girls, a novice media mogul who won an Oscar, Barcelona and AC Milan football fans, a champion of women’s sports, and an idea for young players for his winning attitude which he gave the label “Mamba Mentality.”

However, the allegations of sexual assault stemmed from the 2003 incident in Colorado, which was dropped and later solved in court with a civil suit, complicating his legacy in the #MeToo era and causing protests after his Oscar victory in 2018.

But the experience, which cost millions of dollars in support agreements at the time, also developed it as a person and allowed the release of competitors who were not apologetic and sometimes too under-educated in him, he said later.

Bryant (L) modeled his basketball game after Michael Jordan

Bryant (left) modeled his basketball game after Michael Jordan, for whom he sought advice as a rookie star and as a former fighter facing retirement.

Grow with ‘retaliation’

Bryant is the son of a former NBA player, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, who moved to the Italian league when his son was only six years old.

It was in Italy where Bryant’s love for football was composed and where he also experienced racism.

“When I grew up in Italy, I had witnessed then going to certain soccer competitions and things like that,” Bryant recently told Andy Scholes of CNN.
“My parents have taught me and taught me about methods to deal with such things.”

Brazilian star Neymar paid tribute to Bryant after scoring for PSG against Lille on Sunday.

Brazilian star Neymar paid tribute to Bryant after scoring for PSG against Lille on Sunday.

Growing up in Italy arranged younger Bryant socially and competitively, he said.
“Our parents immerse us in Italian customs. We are only surrounded by little Italian children. We only learn their language,” he told O’Neal in an interview for TNT in 2018.

That was also when the killer’s instincts began to develop in court.

“A lot of things have to do with isolation, growing up there and being the only little African-American … I weigh in the game and in that game you find comfort,” he said.

“And when you play with little ones who may not get you because you are an outsider, that is my chance to get revenge against them for not getting me.

“It is always outsiders who come to signify (something) or seek some kind of retaliation,” he added. “I always have the will.”

Bryant will grow into a 6-foot 6-inch point phenomenon as a Philadelphia high school student. He was the first guard to be recruited then from high school to the NBA in 1996 as the 13th overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets.

The Lakers’ regular manager, Jerry West, has been eyeing the 18-year-old, and is trading for him in a deal overshadowed by the signing of the excited O’Neal squad.

The dynamic pair will win three NBA Finals from 2000 to 2002, with O’Neal truly the alpha of the team. At the time when the Lakers defeated the Detroit Pistons in the 2004 Final, however, friction had already occurred between two superstars who were barely chatting.

The difference between their offseason work manners is largely to blame, with Bryant calling O’Neal “fat and formless,” before the start of their last season.

“I will admit many times I did not come to the tent ready … because I have you, I can relax in the summer,” said O’Neal, who resolved the problem with Bryant, in the TNT Interview. “That’s what keeps me going; my butt is in the gym 10 hours a day,” Bryant answered.

O’Neal was traded to Miami and the Lakers rebuilt around Bryant, who will bring two more championships to the Lakers Nation with Pau Gasol in 2009 and 2010.

Kobe Bryant (left) celebrates with Shaquille O'Neal after winning the 2000 NBA Championship

Kobe Bryant (left) celebrates with Shaquille O’Neal after winning the 2000 NBA Championship against Indiana Pacers. Two superstars will be canceled by a personal feud after their fourth trip to the finals, but become friends in retirement.