3 Cool Goals Week 33 of BRI Liga 1: Great Action Parade of Local Stars

3 Cool Goals

Week 33 of BRI Liga 1 seemed to be a momentum for a number of things, including the confirmation of Bali United as the champion after Persib Bandung only drew with Persik Kediri. One other thing, from 9 matches that were held there were 22 goals created.

Bali United confirmed themselves as champions before competing in week 33 of BRI Liga 1. Persib, who had to settle for sharing points after a goalless draw with Persik, became the momentum for Bali United to become champions.

Even Bali United in the end had to lose in their 33rd week match. Competing against Persebaya Surabaya, Serdadu Tridatu even lost 0-3, which was one of two landslide victories that occurred in the 33rd week.

Another landslide victory was owned by Persipura Jayapura who were struggling to get out of the relegation zone. Persipura who are experiencing difficulties this season are still in 16th place and are in danger of relegation.

If they lose or draw with PSIS Semarang in week 33, it is certain that Mutiara Hitam will be relegated. However, what happened was different. Persipura rose and won a landslide victory 4-0 in the match.

Persipura were not the only team that struggled to avoid relegation and won in the 33rd week. Barito Putera who was right above them also won 2-0 over Persita Tangerang.

Likewise PSS Sleman which is ranked 14th and is still in danger of relegation. PSS Sleman won 3-2 over Persela Lamongan and that made them a pretty safe team with a three-point advantage over Persipura in the standings.

However, this does not necessarily make PSS’s position safe. If they fail to get points in week 34 and Persipura win, they will be under Persipura because they lost in the head to head.

The competition at the bottom of the BRI League 1 is still exciting until the last week. However, before that, let’s check the best goals of the 33rd week.

Hanis Saghara

Hanis Saghara's cool goal

The scheme for the occurrence of these goals is quite good, until finally the final completion of the Indonesian U-19 national team dropouts, really deserves appreciation.

The best goal of the 33rd BRI Liga 1 match was born in the 1973 match between Persikabo and Arema FC. Hanis Saghara scored the only goal that Laskar Padjadjaran got in that match.

Starting from Dimas Drajad’s attempt to open fire but hit the Arema FC defense, Hanis Saghara tried to pick up the ball which was again controlled by his teammate. After getting the ball, Hanis Saghara, who had his back to the goal and was surrounded by the Arema FC defense, tried to keep the ball at his feet.

Until finally the siege of five Arema FC players seemed in vain because Hanis Saghara was able to fire a shot that the Arema FC goalkeeper, Adilson Maringa, could not see. His kick ball shot into the corner of the Arema FC goal and could not be reached by the Brazilian goalkeeper.

Ahmad Alfarizi

Ahmad Alfarizi's cool goal

Still from the same match, the second best goal in the 33rd week of BRI Liga 1 was created after the goal scored by Hanis Saghara. Just four minutes later, Arema FC captain, Ahmad Alfarizi, scored a goal with a very good scheme.

The excellent collaboration shown by Ahmad Alfarizi, Dendi Santoso and Carlos Fortes resulted in a sweet goal.

Ahmad Alfarizi, who came forward to assist the attack, was stopped in front of the Persikabo 1973 penalty box. However, he decided to give the ball to Carlos Fortes while running into the heart of Persikabo’s 1973 defense.

The ball that was given to Fortes was immediately returned by the Arema FC bomber to Ahmad Alfarizi who entered the opponent’s penalty box. Alfarizi who received the ball immediately gave it again to Dendi Santoso who was on his right.

Dendi Santoso also seemed to be a wall that reflected the ball back to Alfarizi, who was already dealing with Syaiful Trisna Fadillah and struck the ball very well.

Ferdinand Sinaga

Ferdinand Sinaga's cool goal

According to the site, the third cool goal that occurred in the 33rd week of BRI Liga 1 was created in the duel between PSM Makassar and Persiraja Banda Aceh which ended with a narrow 1-0 score. The only goal that was created in the match was scored by Ferdinand Sinaga.

Starting from Wiljan Pluim’s long pass which was received by Yakob Sayuri with his head control, the ball was then directed by Yakob to the back and received by Ferdinand Sinaga who is in a good position in front of the Persiraja penalty box.

Ferdinand Sinaga also fired a shot bounced with his left foot into the left corner of the Persiraja goal. The ball that glided beautifully failed to be dispelled by Persiraja goalkeeper, Aji Bayu Putra, who was already out of the nest.

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