Rumors of the departure of Messi and Ramos are the hottest free agent news

Rumors of the departure of Messi and Ramos are the hottest free agent news

Euro 2021 is not the only moment to look forward to next month and sponsored by Slotdemo. Because, at the end of June, it is very possible that there will be an exodus of several players labeled as stars. What’s more, they can go to any team for free because of an expired contract.

Rumors of the departure of FC Barcelona captain Lionel Messi and Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos are the hottest. The last night, the future of the player who is also a magnet for La Liga is still gray. Negotiations for additional contracts, which both expire on June 30, are not yet clear.

For La Pulga (The Flea), the nickname of Messi, he is not sure about Barcelona’s ambitious project next season. This season the Blaugrana have only won the Copa del Rey. They have failed in the Champions League and almost failed in La Liga too.

There is no certainty about the arrival of Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero as well as Messi’s contract extension. Meanwhile, Aguero is Messi’s best friend, just like Luis Suarez, who has left for Atletico Madrid this season.

For Ramos, Marca reported that talks between Real and Ramos were stuck for the umpteenth time. The reason is that Ramos wants to add two seasons even though he has to receive a salary of 10 percent of EUR 17.5 million (Rp. 299.8 billion) per season. However, Real management is only willing to add one season.

Los Merengues must be careful. Because, the departure of Ramos could be the exodus of another center-back, Raphael Varane. The French player’s contract expires next season and he is yet to show signs. So, the best solution is to sell him this summer to avoid leaving for free like Ramos.

Entrenador Zinedine Zidane still wants Cuqui – the nickname of Ramos – to stay or even retire with Real. However, the financial crisis that hit Real, the failure of the European Super League will affect Real’s transfer activities. Includes player contracts.

In fact, a few days ago the 35-year-old player gave a code that he would join Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). That was the breast on the activity of Ramos’s Instagram account, which started following several players from Les Parisiens, the nickname of PSG.

” I will not answer something that can be misinterpreted. In essence, we want to improve quality on all fronts, “PSG entraineur Mauricio Pochettino told L’Equipe, dismissing rumors about Ramos joining.

Not only the La Liga duo. AC Milan is also trying hard to determine its pillars to survive. Because, there are two of their core players who have not yet signed new contracts. They are goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma and playmaker Hakan Calhanoglu. The causes are similar. The increase in salary that has not been able to meet the Rossoneri – the nickname of Milan – is due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Calhanoglu, who is paid EUR 2.5 million (IDR 43 billion), wants to increase his salary to EUR 6 million (IDR 103 billion). However, ACM is only willing to pay EUR 4 million (Rp.69 billion) plus bonuses. In fact, even when the Turkish player was willing to be EUR 5 million (Rp.86 billion), the deal had not yet happened.

For Gigio – Donnarumma greeting – was out of control because the request for a salary was EUR 12 million (Rp. 206.7 billion), which was only able to be fulfilled by EUR 8 million (Rp. 137.8 billion).

But the agent Mino Raiola wants his client to go to another team that is willing to pay more. Moreover, Milan, which are not sure to qualify for the Champions League next season, have not made Donnarumma and Calhanoglu firmly survive.

The Biggest Scandal in the World of International Football which is Disgraceful

The Biggest Scandal in the World of International Football which is Disgraceful

The world of football has its own charm for every fan. Beautiful goals, impressive team play, or amazing players’ skills are able to provide a plus in the eyes of the audience.

Another thing that is not less interesting is the scandal events off the field.

Not infrequently, the life of football in the world is colored by scandals involving a number of well-known players or clubs. The information we provide comes from the maxbet casino gambling site source.

The Ryan Giggs affair

Ryan Giggs’ big name during his time with Manchester United was tarnished due to his infidelity. The Welsh star was having an affair with one of the famous television stars, Imogen Thomas.

The man who already has a wife and children even criticized the mass media for stopping the publication of his case.

Many parties, including supporters of The Red Devils, regretted his actions. Moreover, the incident occurred before United underwent the Champions League final against Barcelona.

The Wayne Rooney Gambling Case

Gambling is often associated with the world of football. Betting on a match often makes people trapped in the world of gambling. This time it happened to Wayne Rooney’s father and uncle. They were both involved in a fixing scandal between the Motherwell and Hearts clubs.

The investigation case began when the authorities became suspicious of the red card that Steve Jennings received during the match. The Motherwell midfielder was immediately criticized by many questions in his investigation.

Wayne Rooney initially admitted that he was not burdened by the case. He continues to carry out his obligation to defend the Three Lions in the 2012 European Cup qualifiers.

Unfortunately his emotions were still unstable because in the match against Montenegro he deliberately kicked one of the opposing players in the leg. His actions earned him a red card and had to miss the group stage at the Euro 2012 finals.

Franz Beckenbauer’s affair

One of the world football legends who came from Germany, Franz Beckenbauer also had a disability in his career. His unique style of play made him have many fans, but many people also regretted his love case.

In 1963, at the age of 18, he impregnated his lover but refused to marry her. This behavior made him get kicked out of the German youth team. He was finally able to join his team again with the condition that he had to sleep in one room with his coach.

In 2000 Beckenbauer apologized to his second wife, Sybille, for impregnating his affair. Unfortunately, this apology was in vain in the end. Three years later he left his second wife to marry his mistress, Heidi Burmester.

Calciopoli scandal

The Calciopoli scandal in 2006 hit Italian soil. The good name of the Serie A league has been tarnished by a number of big clubs. It is suspected that these rich clubs use their power to influence the referee’s decisions in matches.

This case has dragged a number of big club names like Juventus and AC Milan. The Bianconeri received the biggest sanctions because they had to accept the fact of losing the Scudetto they won in 2005 and 2006. The club from the city of Turin also had to go down to Serie B.

Ronaldo Sex Party

Ronaldo is one of the great legends in the world of football. Unfortunately his name faded away at the end of his career. The incident that further decreased his prestige was when he hired three call girls who turned out to be transsexuals.

The transsexuals also threatened Ronaldo to pay bribes so they would not reveal the incident to the mass media. Later it was discovered that Ronaldo himself actually knew from the start that they were transsexuals. To make matters worse, they also admitted to having hosted a cocaine party with the former Brazilian national team player.

10 Rio Ferdinand’s Savvy Woman

Rio Ferdinand is a formidable defender in the England national team and Manchester United. This toughness was not followed by his toughness in maintaining the marriage pitch of his household. Ferdinand already has a wife and child but he has had 10 affairs with other women.

Ferdinand admitted that he was very disturbed by the news in the mass media. He even finally sued the Sunday Mirror newspaper. This demand is because he thinks the newspaper has violated his privacy.

John Terry Sleeping with Wayne Bridge’s Wife

Friendship seems insufficient to erase one’s bad intentions. John Terry was previously close friends with his former Chelsea colleague Wayne Bridge. Unfortunately, the friendship between the two of them broke when Terry was suspected of having an affair with the wife of Bridge, Vanessa Perroncel.

Terry’s action made him get harsh criticism from various parties. He also had to lose his position as captain in the Three Lions team. Bridge himself refused to play one more team with the Chelsea captain. He even refused to shake hands when he met Terry again after the case was exposed.

The French National Team Prostitution Case

The French national team experienced an embarrassing incident over a prostitution case that befell three of its flagship players, namely Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou. The three were accused of committing violations of the law by hiring an underage prostitute named Zahia Dehar.

Dehar at that time was 18 years old. The three Les Blues players admitted that they did not know the girl’s age at all. The latest news stated that Dehar himself admitted that he was surprised by the case that happened to them. This is because he admitted that he was treated very well while with them.

Flamengo Goalkeeper Kills Boyfriend

The greatness of a football player’s achievements can be lost in the blink of an eye. This phrase is appropriate to describe the events experienced by Bruno Fernandes.

The Flamengo goalkeeper was previously one of the talented soccer players who was in demand by many European clubs. Unfortunately his career finally stopped after he committed a murder case against his former lover, Eliza Samudio.

The case began with Samudio’s pregnancy. Fernandes, who is the father of the baby, refuses to take responsibility for his actions while Samudio wants to keep the womb.

Reasons Real Madrid Can Qualify for the Round of 16 of UCL

Reasons Real Madrid Can Qualify for the Round of 16 of UCL

Real Madrid had a bad start in the 2020-21 Champions League stage, but there is still a chance for Zinedine Zidane’s men to qualify for the last 16.

Madrid appeared awkward in the first two Group B matches of this season’s Champions League. They seem to have forgotten that they are giants in the most elite competition in the continent of blue.

On the first matchday, they got a golden opportunity to reap full points. Because they played at their own headquarters and faced Shakhtar Donetsk.

In fact, they even lost by a score of 2-3. Even though they dominate possession.

Then on the second matchday, they struggled against Borussia Monchengladbach. Even Madrid almost lost thanks to the action of Marcus Thuram, if not saved by Casemiro darn Karim Benzema.

Madrid has now only earned one point from two matches. As a result, El Real is now in the bottom position of Group B. They are now in great danger of not qualifying for the last 16.

However, there are still several reasons why Real Madrid will be able to qualify from the group stage and qualify for the last 16. What are the reasons for that? Check out the following review.

Eden Hazard’s return

Eden Hazard's return

Eden Hazard has had no luck since coming to Real Madrid. He continues to be wracked with injuries.

Most recently, he suffered a thigh muscle injury at the end of September. He only started recovering after one month.

Hazard himself can play against Borussia Monchengladbach. He entered in the  second half. His appearance was quite decent.

The Belgian winger has yet to perform at his best. But at a glance he can show what he can do for Madrid.

Hazard then played against Huesca. In this match the game is quite bad. What should be praised is that he opened the tap of Madrid’s goal which then won 4-1.

Hazard at that time scored a goal from a long distance shot. Amazingly, he did it with his left foot. This will certainly boost Hazard’s motivation in the future.

Marco Asensio is Fit Again

Marco Asensio is Fit Again

Marco Asensio is one of the Real Madrid players who performed well when he played against Borussia Monchengladbach. Its performance is reminiscent of the past.

To be precise, at the time Asensio had yet to experience a knee injury. He will play without fear, dare to break through the opponent’s defense and create tempest in the opponent’s penalty box.

The return to form of the 24-year-old player will certainly make Zinedine Zidane happy. And even though Asensio didn’t score in that match, he was one of the three forwards who threatened Gladbach’s goal the most.

One Precious Point

One Precious Point

One point is better than nothing. The points won while playing at Borussia Monchengladbach’s headquarters mean a lot to Real Madrid.

Especially seeing how they get these points. They were able to come from behind, two goals as well. The ability to get one point while they are dying is in the DNA of the club.

In addition, that one point makes Madrid currently not too far behind the other teams in Group B. They are only three points behind Shakhtar Donestk, and only one point from Gladbach and Inter Milan.

There are still four games left for Madrid. Their chances are still wide open.

Zidane Sang Bang Jago

Zidane Sang Bang Jago

Zinedine Zidane is a very successful coach in the Champions League. Throughout his career as a coach, only last season he failed to win the competition.

In addition, Zidane is a coach who is good at motivating his foster children. The man from France is good at making the atmosphere of the team changing room conducive.

More importantly, Zidane also has the trust of all Madrid players. This is certainly not easy for a coach to get, especially at a club like El Real.

Real Madrid Love the Champions League

Real Madrid Love the Champions League

Real Madrid is arguably synonymous with the Champions League. This is only natural because they are the most successful team in the competition.

They hold the champion record 13 times. Los Blancos also always qualify from the group phase, at least from the 1997-98 season.

Real Madrid are clearly in love with this UEFA Champions League competition. They will definitely continue to insist on playing in order to get full points in the following matches.

4 Facts Fabio Quartararo Will Made A Surprise In 2020 Motogp

4 Facts Fabio Quartararo Will Made A Surprise In 2020 Motogp

Petronas Yamaha SRT racer Fabio Quartararo is ready to make a surprise at MotoGP Europe 2020 this weekend, here are 4 convincing facts.

Fabio Quartararo is touted as a strong candidate from bandar maxbet for the 2020 MotoGP world champion.

Moreover, Fabio Quartararo is currently only 14 points away from the 2020 MotoGP standings, Joan Mir (137 points).

Fabio Quartararo will try to really maximize his appearance at the MotoGP circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia.

Moreover, the 4,005 km long circuit will hold two rounds of MotoGP at the same time with a week’s break.

European MotoGP (8/11/2020) and Communitat Valencia or Valencia MotoGP (15/11/2020).

Fabio Quartararo will try to reverse the situation in the 2020 MotoGP racer standings.

Fabio Quartararo will be aiming for victory at the MotoGP circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia.

Moreover, Fabio Quartararo has 4 convincing facts on the Ricardo Tormo Valencia MotoGP circuit.

What are the 4 convincing facts that Fabio QUartararo can make a surprise at the 2020 European MotoGP;

4 Facts Fabio Quartararo

1. Gasak Pole Position Last Year

Last year, the Ricardo Tormo Valencia MotoGP circuit organized the final round of MotoGP.

Fabio Quartararo appeared to surprise by winning pole position at the circuit with a length of 4,005 km.

Fabio Quartararo managed to beat the Repsol Honda Team racer Marc Marquez.

Even though Marc Marquez is a racer who is really good at winning pole positions.

Moreover, the Ricardo Tormo Valencia circuit, which is anti-clockwise, is Marc Marquez’s favorite circuit.

Fabio QUartararo also won pole position at the MotoGP circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia last season.

2. Finish the 2019 Season Runner-Up

Petronas Yamaha SRT racer Fabio Quartararo also had a neat experience facing the European MotoGP 2020 this weekend.

The 2020 European MotoGP took place at the MotoGP Ricardo Tormo Valencia circuit, where Fabio Quartararo won a podium finish at the Ricardo Tormo Valencia MotoGP circuit last season.

The circuit with a length of 4,005 km became the venue for the last round of MotoGP last year.

Fabio Quartararo, who occupies the leading starting position, aka pole position at the MotoGP circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia, failed to repeat a similar result during raceay (17/11/2019).

Fabio Quartararo must acknowledge the greatness of Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) who managed to become the champion.

However, Fabio Quartararo has good capital to make a surprise at the 2020 European MotoGP which was held at the MotoGP circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia.

Fabio Quartararo is confident with his experience at the Ricardo Tormo Valencia circuit last year where he won the second podium or runner-up.

At least you can have the capital to make a surprise at the 2020 European MotoGP at least to finish on the podium or even the highest podium.

If possible, finish on the podium or the highest podium and can finish in front of Joan Mir.

Then the map of competition in the hunt for the 2020 MotoGP world champion is back fierce and exciting again.

3. Match with M1 Motor Character

The Ricardo Tormo Valencia MotoGP circuit which is the venue for the 2020 European MotoGP round has a length of 4,005 km with many combinations of slow bends and high speed cornering.

The character of the Ricardo Tormo Valencia MotoGP circuit is fairly compatible with the Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP motorbike.

No need to demand top speed and face more slow and fast turns.

As well as the priority factor of the agility of the motor when weaving in the face of combination bends.

No doubt, the character of the M1 motorbike that fits the MotoGP circuit of Ricardo Tormo Valencia is a benefit for Fabio Quartararo.

History records the Yamaha M1 motorbike 5 times won at the MotoGP Ricardo Tormo Valencia circuit during the 4-stroke MotoGP era since 2002.

The contribution to Yamaha’s victory was made by Valentino Rossi (2004) and Jorge Lorenzo (2010, 2013, 2015-2016).

Moreover, Fabio Quartararo’s racing style is said to be similar to Jorge Lorenzo.

At least, Fabio Quartararo has big capital to surprise the European MotoGP 2020.

4. Beautiful Memories of the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in 2019

The Ricardo Tormo Valencia MotoGP circuit is also a wonderful memory for Fabio Quartararo in 2019.

Last year was Fabio Quartararo’s debut season in the premier class or MotoGP.

Fabio Quartararo proved himself to be the best MotoGP debut racer, aka rookie of the year in 2019.

The crowning of world champion rookie MotoGP or rookie of the year was carried out at the Ricardo Tormo Valencia circuit last year.

Memories of Fabio Quartararo being the best in the MotoGP debut season are valuable assets to make a surprise at the 2020 MotoGP Eroap which was held at the Ricardo Tormo Valencia circuit.

Not only 4 convincing facts above, Fabio Quartararo will make a surprise at MotoGP Europe 2020 this weekend.

Fabio Quartararo has already boasted that he will return to the top of the European MotoGP.

This was revealed on the social media account Twitter @ FabiOQ20.

“Get back to the top soon,” he tweeted.

Make you curious about what Fabio Quartararo’s performance in MotoGP Europe 2020 looks like?

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Don’t miss the 2020 European MotoGP at the MotoGP Ricardo Tormo Valencia circuit, Sunday (8/11/2020) at 20:00 WIB.

Kobe Bryant: basketball legend died in a helicopter crash

Kobe Bryant basketball legend died in a helicopter crash

American basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, died in a helicopter crash in the city of Calabasas, California along with his daughter, Gianna, and seven other people.

According to reports, the 41-year-old former athlete was traveling in a private helicopter when the vehicle crashed and exploded. Apart from Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, the identities of the other victims have not been disclosed.

> Kento Momota escaped death, ‘suffering from a broken nose’ and wounds on his face

> The owner of Leicester City died in a helicopter that crashed outside the stadium

> Children are victims of kickboxing again, but why is it difficult to enforce prohibitions?

> Johan Cruyff died in Barcelona

The US National Basketball Association said they were “deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna,”.

” Kobe showed us what is possible when extraordinary talent meets utmost devotion to win,” said the NBA.

The five-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers is considered one of the greatest players in the history of basketball.

What do we know about the accident?

According to a statement by the Calabasas City government, “the vehicle crashed in the remote Las Virgenes open field at around 10:00 this morning. No people on the ground were injured.”

Gavin Masak, a local resident, told CBS News the seconds after the helicopter crashed.

“It sounded not exactly like an explosion, but like a loud thud. It sounded like a helicopter, but like a jet, very loud. I then went into the house and told my father what was going on. When I went outside, I saw smoke on the hill, but it wasn’t. black and large smoke, the color is gray, “said Cook.

A number of other eyewitnesses told the TMZ website that they heard the sound of the helicopter engine buzzing before it crashed.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department displayed photos at the scene, which showed a fire truck and smoke rising from a hill.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said the helicopter that crashed was a Sikorsky S-76 type. The agency said it was investigating the incident together with the National Transportation Safety Agency.

Who is Kobe Bryant?

Who is Kobe Bryant

His achievements include the NBA’s best player (MVP) award in 2008 and two times the best player at the NBA finals. He also made two appearances as the NBA’s top scorer and twice as a member of the US basketball team who won the Olympic gold medal.

In 2006, he scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors, the second-highest record in NBA history in a single game.

Off the basketball court, he won an Oscar in 2018 for Dear Basketball, a short animated film based on his love letter to basketball he wrote in 2015.

Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, have four daughters, Gianna, Natalia, Bianca and Capri.

Despite his achievements, Bryant was accused of sexual assault in 2003 by a 19-year-old woman who worked at a resort in Colorado.

Bryant denied the allegations, saying he and the woman had consensual sex. The case fell after the woman refused to testify in court.

Later Bryant apologized and stated that he realized “he [the woman] did not look at this incident the same way I did.” Peace was then reached outside the court.

How’s the reaction?

Various sports stars wrote their comments on social media after news about Bryant broke.

Shaquille O’Neal , who co-operated with Bryant at the LA Lakers between 1996 and 2004, says there are “no words to describe the pain I’m going through”.

“I love you and you will be missed,” O’Neal wrote accompanied by a photo of himself and Kobebryant in Lakers uniform.

Usain Bolt, an eight-time Olympic gold medalist, said he could not believe what was happening.

Motivation Coaching For Basketball Players

Motivation Coaching For Basketball Players

Some of us go to practice and ask, “Why did Johnny decide to go out for the basketball team if he didn’t want to try?” We spend a lot of time and energy frustrated and struggled to make players perform at optimal levels during the match.

I think that can be summarized in the sport of common phrases

“The way you practice is how the game is played.”

Many of our players have serious training and I joke and focus on the task at hand. They do not pay attention in practice and are reflected in the way they play on the court, court or track. What makes things worse is the fact that these players often have a detrimental effect on the attitude and ability to train others.

So how do you motivate all the players on the basketball team to start training hard? First, accept that always having apples is at least bad. The key is to limit the amount of influence players can have on the basketball team.

NBA Player

Here are some other methods that can be used to motivate your basketball team to train hard and play hard:

1. Supervise the efforts of the “basketball team” basketball team – often seen is the best motivator. There is no need to crack a whip on certain players, more players than others. Enough to motivate most basketball teams, giving them rewards when all work on the basketball team during practice and play.

If your coworkers don’t want basketball to work and the basketball team can’t win prizes, or worse have to do more work in the gym, you can bet that people will listen to players. I suggest that often it will be enough motivation for most online players to practice a lot.

Specify interest from the basketball team before each match – In hockey, you can set goals for all basketball team members with good nutrition in each period. If the basketball team achieves this, they will be rewarded.

The goal can be as simple as winning a match, or doing a different set of effective basketball team skills – even in defeat. As a coach, you can find a number of goals that can be achieved by the basketball team during soccer practice or even for motivating players.

2. Explain the importance of the exercise – you can use all types of training tactics for that. Start with the fact that other basketball teams prepare for them, so they need to prepare well and well for other basketball teams. You can say that improving skills is very important in raising a basketball team to the next level.

There are dozens of different motivational tactics that coaches can use to improve their basketball teams, showing them the importance of sports. The only thing you don’t have to do is negative. Always positive in their approach. Players often don’t respond to negative comments.

3. Have fun during the exerciseort – Establish the first example of an exercise that will succeed, but also. That way some of their players know they will have fun during training, but will also be fine.

This is very important for young players. At this level, you try to keep excitement and fun for players who learn the game. If you see and hear negatives and shouting coaches and sports aren’t fun, then you probably won’t see again. If so, you might not get many of them.

or a simple reader – you will not believe the positive amount of encouragement and tell the players when they did it. You can not trust. Think back to when you were a player in sports and heard his coach say you were, “Roba Joe” or “how to get the ball fast, Jenny.”

All comments help. They help more than demean or anger the player. Nobody wants to work hard for a coach to shout at his players during training or during a match. Players like coaches who lead them to victory through positive reinforcement, good training and good examples.

It’s not always easy to get the basketball team motivated to practice, but it is a starting point – especially if you also want to keep them motivated for the match. Help build motivation for players and the goals of a positive basketball team at work – by promoting a positive mindset is the best way to get the best motivator for your basketball team.

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The History Of Football

The History Of Football

If you want to understand the history of football, we must admit that, for some reason, humans have a natural tendency to throw things. Whether to release frustration, or just for fun, we do not even realize it.

How many times you do not walk in the street as a child (and not only), stones kicked or similar cone on the floor in front of the problems you. It is this natural tendency, which is the basis of the history of football.


1. When football was invented?

When talking about the history of football many saw as people in England as the place that football was born and although this may be a true statement in a particular context, the truth is that the English were the first to organize the football in 1863, but not that they “invent” said the order. So if 1863 is the year of the sport got “baptized” and what year and where was invented football?

Football back as ancient times, anyway if you want to play football online we reccomend you to visit our site depoxito it is difficult to identify a specific year, but usually cut into 3 periods historians phenomenon.

2. History of football in antiquity

They could have had our modern products, but the old know how to have their fun. And, you guessed it, kicking a “ball” around (obviously, the balls were very rudimentary compared to what is used today) was considered a fun activity in many parts of the world, most of them developing at the same time without interacting together.

In the history of the first written declaration of football on the beginning of football is a Chinese military manual 300 BC, describing a practice known players “Cuju” involved kicking a ball of leather through a hole in a tight silk fabric between two poles. Worldwide, the Americas, the Aztecs played a similar sport, although some compare basketball more than football.

The goal is to hit the ball through a small stone circle was placed over the walls of the arena, where the relationship with the basketball.

Now I do not know about you, but to me it seems much more difficult to place a small leather ball exactly in the center of a stone circle that is way over his head with his foot, as research a bullet modern “high-tech” for purposes of 8 yards.

3. History of football in the Middle Ages

We usually think of the Middle Ages as a time when the war was seen as a necessity and a “job” rather than a calamity. Despite being sufficient and serious point “dark”, somehow the people of the Middle Ages were able to take some time for some sports, such as football.

Forms of football played during this period were obviously incomparable to our current definition of sport; Therefore, they are generally classified as “mob football”.

While their parents were at war, children often catch a patched leather ball, click the neighboring field and start a “war” on the ground. The absence of rules often lead to fights and serious injuries and sport is considered dangerous in many places.

A clear example of this can be found in the British Museum in London, etching, where a group of men struggling to win a leather ball with a second image shows a man with a broken arm. They make the calculation.

4. Football today

As mentioned earlier, we do not know when football was invented, it is not known when it was organized as a sport under a clear set of rules. A being a practice popular in England, football was played chaotically and often this would lead to the same inside and outside the battlefield similar to those that occur during football matches of the Middle Ages. In each game, both teams would agree on a set of rules, but with the absence of a referee arguments often generate upward.

To keep things in order, English some clubs met in London October 26, 1863 to create a set of well-defined rules and universal for the game.

Football Federation was born and although his set of rules did not apply to all clubs immediately, in a few decades, football clubs rose from amateur to professional, laws and conduct restrictions became standard for everyone.

As you can see, there’s really no answer “right” to “When football was invented? “Question that will have its fair share of arguments in hand, no matter what time you think was the spark that ignited that football is today.

And it’s probably agree with me on this point: this is not really important to know when football was invented, but rather recognize that we have the chance to enjoy great sport at its best as we can in modern times.

Paul George is still “work in progress”

Hasil gambar untuk Paul George is still "work in progress"Monday afternoon, under a blue sky sprawl pastel, Paul George stood on the fishing pier at South Lakes Park in southwest Oklahoma City.

He was there to cut the ribbon at the dock kid-friendly, which is designed to look like a basketball floor with his left logo on what he and the Wildlife Conservation Oklahoma gathered to build.

the pier is something you have when playing with the Thunder before the idea of ​​working with Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles. This is one reason that when starting the queue was announced Tuesday night in Oklahoma City, George, now a member of the LA Clippers, received strong applause.

“I had a short stay here, but the way they embraced me, took me from the first day I set foot second here, it’s a big impact,” said George. “That’s why I still want to do community work here. I still want to be put in place like here Sooner like Oklahoman.”

But they also applauded because George has played some electric fans Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder had ever seen.

It was almost a year ago that George himself is a candidate to raise both the MVP and defensive player of years. It was a marksman volume, regularly hitting seven and eight 3s games on 38.6% shooting distance.

He played through questions to both shoulders, requiring surgery in the offseason. He missed the first 11 games of the season, debuted in New Orleans with 33 points in 24 minutes without effort. Month and a half is to find chemistry with his new team and get into the kind of form of the game in both directions requires 94 feet.

Hamstring injury in early January was absent again. Then came a few weeks ago

Paul George

“I am a work in progress,” George said after dominating the Clippers 109-94 victory over the Thunder. “This is a year’s hard to get hurt. Be in rotation, being out of rotation. And then just play in the new system, new players, new teammates, new coaches, new style of play. Been a bit of an adjustment for me”.

Back to the top of Thunder where by his own statement, he was playing the best basketball of his career, George at the beginning of the throat. When George found the rhythm, the handle is smooth; aggressive to 3; Step back a little tighter; Her record breeds more energetic and often. It blooms when the rhythm, and it is something he is looking to start every game. He always said that the best way to open it is to focus on the first end.

“It will always be how I go,” has said George. “Get a stop, play defense, going on, my feet moving. I took the mission to go to the head of the snake, [Chris Paul]. It’s great for this challenge.”

George holds in the range, in any system, in any situation. the game is adaptable, as it looks for ways he can have an impact. Clippers season has been full of jerky rotation, with their longer operational range of the dead star for last week, but they flexed their power after the end of the plain against the Thunder.

“Everything we were just getting ready and prepared for the playoffs,” Doc Rivers said the coach. “And [George], he just lost a lot. You can see him take some. I think he still has a cooler to do, that was so at the end of the season will tell, but with his injuries and the type of injury he has, he could not walk. Then [in] four or five games, you can see. you can see us coming, he usually when he plays well, it’s pretty good. “

Besides the 2014-15 season when he returned from injury to play only six games, George is the average of the lowest number of points per game in six seasons. Adapting to play with Leonard, Lou Williams and depth of the Clippers’ is understood to come, but he has not had much chance to hit the gas well.

“It has been doubled, he was on the minute restriction, he returns healthy,” said Leonard. “It depends on what team we play. You will see Paul George you always see, or see someone make a game, do the job. I’m happy with her game. “

Do not reduce turnover, or just minutes dilate, George is a key cog to unlock the potential of LA and push for the title. Leonard can carry the team. depth Clippers’ can win the game. But George checked his elite level in both directions on a box of almost all the league teams can handle.

“I do not know,” Leonard said when asked how the team is to reach its potential. “Because I do not know what our potential. You never know how a team can be. But we will try to be the best team possible. We are not satisfied. We want to keep improving and hopefully achieve “.

George played 27 minutes against the Thunder, but the real exercise is yet to come. He hit another postgame workout, fell into the chair in front of his sweaty locker and leave a strong expletive when he removed his teeth. So in the meantime, George will work to become the MVP caliber player he was last year, and the Clippers know what they are truly capable.

“I think every situation I was just trying to get lost in the team,” said George. “Give you. Let training, enabling it to become a teammate, brother. I just lost myself in the team. In general, good results come from there. “

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How to land on your feet, inside Liverpool’s dressing room

How to land on your feet, inside Liverpool's dressing room

Jurgen Klopp brought his new substitute goalkeeper off the bench and spoke softly in his ear: “Welcome to Anfield.”

Adrian had only been at the club for four days. He had trained with his team-mates just twice. As he was about to make his debut, did Klopp have anything else to add?

“He hugged me. He showed me I had his trust,” Adrian says. “I felt like the schoolboy who has to introduce himself in front of his new classmates, but what can I say about Anfield? The way the fans embraced me in such a critical moment, losing one of their best players. They gave me total confidence.”

Adrian smiles as he looks back now on that unexpected Anfield bow – and the whirlwind week that followed. The Spaniard, 33, is enjoying life as the guy who landed on his feet in Liverpool half a year ago.

But to really understand him – and how he fits in to a very special team – you have to go back a little further still.

Things might have turned out very differently for Adrian. For a long time it seemed as if his time might never come. After years spent waiting in the wings, he finally made his debut for Real Betis, the club he joined aged 11, when he was 25.

He also came off the bench that day, in the 11th minute, dressed in yellow, with the number 13 on his back, which is also a sign of bad luck in Spain. He conceded four goals before the final whistle in a 4-0 defeat by Malaga on 20 September 2012.

A few months later, there was another low point: a 5-1 thrashing by city rivals Sevilla.

But Adrian was never going to give up, and the confidence of his manager – former West Bromwich Albion boss Pepe Mel – helped him through.

“I often think about that match,” Adrian says. “It was one of my career’s key moments. Pepe was the first manager to give me a chance as a professional.

“He trusted me beyond any mistake I could have made that day. A week later we beat Real Madrid 1-0 at home, and I stopped several goals. Man of the match. Kind of. Since then I’ve improved a lot. I’m very grateful to him.”

At the end of that 2012-13 campaign, with 32 games under his belt and with Betis struggling financially, Adrian would move on. The Premier League was his next destination. He packed his bags and left for West Ham United as a free agent. And he would keep that number 13 shirt.

For a 26-year-old Andalusian who had never been abroad and spoke only in his mother tongue, it was the start of an adventure that would bring much joy, but also disappointment. Towards the end of his time with the Hammers he had lost his starting spot, and with his contract up last summer – having made 150 appearances over six years at the club – he was once again free to move on.

Without a team, he spent pre-season training alone in Pilas, on pitches used by a local non-league side, 30 miles away from his hometown of Seville. It was anything but easy.

“I’d made a drastic decision not to stay any longer at West Ham, despite having a three-year contract offer on the table,” he says. “I hadn’t played a single game all season in the Premier League. I didn’t feel valued economically either, to be honest. It was tough for me.

“Summer came and then I felt those butterflies in my stomach. I knew something good was coming. I was already aware of Liverpool’s interest before I received the first offers.

“They called me at the end of July. They said that they’d sell [Simon] Mignolet if I gave the deal the green light. That’s how it happened.”

Real Betis might have been in for him too – Adrian even fantasised over the idea of making a return – but there was uncertainty following the departure of Quique Setien, now manager at Barcelona.

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“It could have worked but the new staff still had to decide what kind of keeper they needed,” he says. “In the end, they signed a much younger player. I didn’t fit their profile, but we’re professionals no matter what we feel inside. My final decision wasn’t that bad after all, was it?”

Adrian laughs. He is a man who laughs often. And right now there is a lot to laugh about in the Liverpool dressing room. Their 22-point lead will surely lead to a first league title in 30 years. But nobody’s talking about how close they are, not even the man most responsible for Liverpool’s remarkable recent success.

Kobe Bryant Was Born to Play Basketball, But For Him It Was Never Enough

Kobe Bryant left the NBA on his own terms on April 13, 2016, scoring 60 scores – more than any other player in the race that season – in his victory over Jazz Jazz when he drew a curtain on his 20th historic year. career.

On Sunday, the 41-year-old tragically left the world in a helicopter crash outside Los Angeles, California that killed nine people including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

The outpouring of tributes from those in and out of basketball, including Barack Obama, Rafael Nadal and former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Shaquille O’Neal, provides a brief illustration of how Bryant’s legacy will be arranged after his death.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash that killed nine people including his daughter, 13-year-old Gianna on Sunday. The Lakers legend left a formidable legacy on and off the field.

In court, he will go down as one of the biggest ever to play the game, winning five championships, two NBA Final MVPs and two Olympic gold medals, while finishing fourth in career evaluation – he was overthrown by the Lakers captain at this time LeBron James on Saturday.

Outside the court, Bryant had many things: An intellectual who easily switched between Italy, Spain and England; a father who loved four little girls, a novice media mogul who won an Oscar, Barcelona and AC Milan football fans, a champion of women’s sports, and an idea for young players for his winning attitude which he gave the label “Mamba Mentality.”

However, the allegations of sexual assault stemmed from the 2003 incident in Colorado, which was dropped and later solved in court with a civil suit, complicating his legacy in the #MeToo era and causing protests after his Oscar victory in 2018.

But the experience, which cost millions of dollars in support agreements at the time, also developed it as a person and allowed the release of competitors who were not apologetic and sometimes too under-educated in him, he said later.

Bryant (L) modeled his basketball game after Michael Jordan

Bryant (left) modeled his basketball game after Michael Jordan, for whom he sought advice as a rookie star and as a former fighter facing retirement.

Grow with ‘retaliation’

Bryant is the son of a former NBA player, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, who moved to the Italian league when his son was only six years old.

It was in Italy where Bryant’s love for football was composed and where he also experienced racism.

“When I grew up in Italy, I had witnessed then going to certain soccer competitions and things like that,” Bryant recently told Andy Scholes of CNN.
“My parents have taught me and taught me about methods to deal with such things.”

Brazilian star Neymar paid tribute to Bryant after scoring for PSG against Lille on Sunday.

Brazilian star Neymar paid tribute to Bryant after scoring for PSG against Lille on Sunday.

Growing up in Italy arranged younger Bryant socially and competitively, he said.
“Our parents immerse us in Italian customs. We are only surrounded by little Italian children. We only learn their language,” he told O’Neal in an interview for TNT in 2018.

That was also when the killer’s instincts began to develop in court.

“A lot of things have to do with isolation, growing up there and being the only little African-American … I weigh in the game and in that game you find comfort,” he said.

“And when you play with little ones who may not get you because you are an outsider, that is my chance to get revenge against them for not getting me.

“It is always outsiders who come to signify (something) or seek some kind of retaliation,” he added. “I always have the will.”

Bryant will grow into a 6-foot 6-inch point phenomenon as a Philadelphia high school student. He was the first guard to be recruited then from high school to the NBA in 1996 as the 13th overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets.

The Lakers’ regular manager, Jerry West, has been eyeing the 18-year-old, and is trading for him in a deal overshadowed by the signing of the excited O’Neal squad.

The dynamic pair will win three NBA Finals from 2000 to 2002, with O’Neal truly the alpha of the team. At the time when the Lakers defeated the Detroit Pistons in the 2004 Final, however, friction had already occurred between two superstars who were barely chatting.

The difference between their offseason work manners is largely to blame, with Bryant calling O’Neal “fat and formless,” before the start of their last season.

“I will admit many times I did not come to the tent ready … because I have you, I can relax in the summer,” said O’Neal, who resolved the problem with Bryant, in the TNT Interview. “That’s what keeps me going; my butt is in the gym 10 hours a day,” Bryant answered.

O’Neal was traded to Miami and the Lakers rebuilt around Bryant, who will bring two more championships to the Lakers Nation with Pau Gasol in 2009 and 2010.

Kobe Bryant (left) celebrates with Shaquille O'Neal after winning the 2000 NBA Championship

Kobe Bryant (left) celebrates with Shaquille O’Neal after winning the 2000 NBA Championship against Indiana Pacers. Two superstars will be canceled by a personal feud after their fourth trip to the finals, but become friends in retirement.