Top 5 Players To Score The Most Goals In 2023

Football is a physically and mentally demanding sport. A grueling schedule and a constant drive to perform at the top level can take its toll on even the most experienced players.

A player is said to be in good shape when he feels confident in his game and makes good contributions to his team.

The improvement in the performance of footballers can be caused by various factors, including self-confidence, changes in tactics, as well as physical and mental improvements. A player’s confidence can be influenced by fitness, recent form and media scrutiny. and personal problems

Tactical adjustments, such as formation changes or increased service from teammates, can also have a big impact.

In the end, the combination of factors that allow a player to do his best, can make a player in good condition. They can even score a lot of goals for their team.

Don’t waste your time now and bet now on the best soccer betting site at ionclub, we have looked at the five European leagues in 2023 and the five players with the most goals in the competition.

5. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)

After getting off to a rather slow start by the standards of the 2021/2022 season, Karim Benzema seems to have once again been on top form this year. He has been one of the targets since the start of 2023.

The Frenchman is one of the most complete center forwards of his generation. The 35-year-old is not only a pro at finishing, but he is also adept at setting up his team-mates for goals and getting them into their best games.

Benzema has scored nine goals in 11 appearances in all competitions for Real Madrid so far in 2023.

4. Wissam Ben-Yedder (AS Monaco)

As Monaco thrived in Philip Clement’s debut season, Wisham Bin Yeder remains one of the most underrated strikers of his generation. Last season, he scored 32 goals and 7 assists in 52 appearances for Monaco.

He started the season with the same enthusiasm. Ben Yedder’s form has improved since the 2022 World Cup off-season. The 32-year-old has scored nine goals in 10 appearances for Monaco in all competitions so far this year.

3. Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint Germain)

Kylian Mbappe has declared himself the greatest superstar of world football. Especially when he scored eight goals and two assists for France last year. Saving them from the 2022 World Cup, Mbappe scored an impressive hat-trick in the final against Argentina. But the match ended in defeat.

It’s hard to recall a time when Mbappe wasn’t at his best. He did a great job against Paris. Saint-Germain this season Mbappe has scored nine goals in eight games in all competitions in 2023 for Christophe Gaultier’s side.

2. Victor Osimhen (Napoli)

The potential is always there for all to see. However, he has doubled his strength and is an absolute threat in Napoli’s front line this season. This extraordinary goalscorer has been very important for the Partenopei in navigating Serie A this season.

They currently have an 18 point advantage at the top of the league table and look like one of the strongest teams in Europe right now. Osimhen has been one of their best players this season and he has been outstanding since the turn of the year.

Osimhen has scored 11 goals in 11 appearances in all competitions for Luciano Spalletti’s side in 2023.

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1. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)

Under the tutelage of Erik ten Hag, Manchester United is slowly returning to its best form. They have even won their first trophy in the 2022/2023 season and have performed well in other competitions. Ten Hag has improved almost every player at the club.

Marcus Rashford has developed into an absolute force under the Dutchman. After taking time to adjust under the new manager, Rashford has been playing at a different level altogether since the 2022 World Cup.

Not only did he score plenty of goals, but he tormented defenders with his confident dribbling and decision-making in the final third. The 25-year-old has scored 14 goals in 16 appearances in all competitions for Manchester United in 2023.

8 Physical Strength Exercises for Soccer Players

8 Physical Strength Exercises for Soccer Players

8 Physical Strength Exercises for Soccer Players is really important beacause of so many reason. For soccer athletes, don’t remember the importance of physical strength training. Football is not just about agility and endurance. Physical training to play soccer is necessary to avoid sports injuries.

Types of physical training for soccer players
Physical strength training can improve endurance, acceleration, and body agility when playing ball.

All of these skills prepare you to dribble, win, and defend the ball, or defend against attacks from the opposing team.

That way, you and your teammates can control the game and succeed in breaking into the opponent’s goal.

Physical exercise is also good for increasing muscle mass, so you can avoid injuries when playing soccer. During exercising you can play a famous online casino at cq9 that are the most trusted website to play. Here are the types of exercise you will need to do.

8 Physical Strength Exercises for Soccer Players

Lift weights

8 Physical Strength Exercises for Soccer Players

At first, Weightlifting exercises (deadlifts) are useful for strengthening the upper body and back.

To do it, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Then lower the waist and buttocks to take the weight. Make sure your face remains straight ahead, not looking down.

Next, slowly lift the weight in front of you while resting on your heels and waist.

Bench press

To block your opponent efficiently you need chest and shoulder strength. This is what the bench press exercise for soccer players is for.

The bench press will help strengthen the core muscles in the chest and shoulder area.

Lie on a flat bench or bench and lift the weights with both arms until your arms are straight up.

Then slowly lower the weight back to your chest.


8 Physical Strength Exercises for Soccer Players

Stand with two feet hip-width apart.

To increase the load, you can hold a dumbbell weighing approximately 2.5 – 6 kilograms in both hands.

Then do a lunge position to the side by stepping your right foot first. Transfer body weight to the right foot.

While stepping on the right foot, lower both dumbbells. Then return to the starting position and repeat with the left leg.


Barbell squats

To train the strength of the muscles in the lower body, you can try barbell squats.

In addition, this physical exercise is also good for flexing the hips and body fitness of soccer players.

Start by standing straight, feet hip-width apart. Hold the barbell over your shoulders.

Then slowly lower your hips and bend your knees into a squat position.

Make sure your chest, neck and head stay straight and firm.

Jump squares

Set a stepping box about 15 cm in front of you. You can adjust the height of the box according to the intensity of the exercise.

The heavier the intensity, the taller the box should be. Then jump onto the box, making sure you land on both feet.

Try to jump with as little noise as possible. The quieter the sound, the lighter your jump will be.

Box jump exercises can increase the strength of the muscles of the upper and lower body. You can also practice jumping technique to make it more perfect.

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Fartlek exercises

To train your acceleration and stamina while running on the field, you can do fartlek exercises or interval training.

The method is quite easy, start by jogging or running casually for two minutes.

Then, increase your running speed to a sprint or sprint for about 30 seconds.

After that, reduce your speed again until you jog for 30 seconds. Then, sprint again for 30 seconds.

For maximum results, you can mark the area where you pass when to increase or decrease the running intensity.

You can do this training pattern for soccer for 5 – 15 minutes.

If you are not used to interval training, start from 4-5 minutes, because this physical exercise is quite heavy.

Ride a bicycle in the hills

If you like cycling, choose trails that are ideal for interval training, such as hills.

Walks that go up and down can be a good place to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.

For example, when the road is uphill, the intensity of your pedaling will certainly become heavier. When the road goes down, you can rest or relax a little.

Riding a bicycle while practicing intervals will also help you maintain your balance while adjusting your acceleration.

Remember, limit the duration of this soccer practice because, it is quite intense for those of you who are not used to doing it.

Coordination exercises

Coordination exercises aim to train the cardio-respiratory system, muscle tissue, and the central nervous system (CNS).

Undergoing agility and balance exercises regularly is beneficial for the motor coordination of soccer athletes.

Motor coordination is the ability to move various parts of the body in carrying out certain activities.

You can do this practice by practicing passing and receiving the ball neither with teammates in 2 vs 2 (two against two) or 3 vs 3 (three against three) modes in a small playing area.

Finally, 8 Physical Strength Exercises that you need to know. Now you can do this exercise with your friend or by yourself.

8 Unique Sports From Around The World

8 Unique Sports From Around The World

Exercise is one way to keep your body healthy. Soccer, badminton and volleyball are three popular and popular sports the data we got from daftar maxbet indonesia. But did you know that different countries have a variety of unique sports? Some of these unique and strange sports are becoming increasingly popular because they spark the adrenaline in athletes. There are also unique sports that have become annual competitions in several countries. Wondering what sports are like? Here are 8 unique and strange sports from around the world.

Unique Sports From Around The World

1. Wife Carrying

As the name suggests, wives-carrying is a unique sport played by husbands and wives. In fact, the basis of this sport is to compete with speed. But the husband has to carry her wife on her shoulders and reach the finish line to win her game. The uniqueness of this sport is that men should carry her wife in her best position, with her feet above her shoulders and her head facing her husband’s back. The couple who crossed the finish line the fastest will receive a prize in the form of beer. The amount of beer given is equal to the weight of the wife.

2. Sepak Takraw

Originating in Southeast Asia, this sport is also known as kick volleyball or volleyball. Sepak takraw has actually been played since the 15th century. Nevertheless, this sport was not played by many. This sport requires high skill. Athletes must use the strength of their legs, knees, chest and head when striking the rattan ball.

3. Quidditch Muggles

This unique sport was adapted from a game played by the protagonist in JK Rowling’s popular Harry Potter book. The sport was first played in Vermont, USA in 2005. Muggle Quidditch is a combination of rugby, dodgeball and handball games. Each team has 1 guard, 2 hitters, 1 seeker and 3 hunters. As in the Harry Potter movies, all players must always carry a broomstick between their legs.

4. Corpball

Korfball is very popular in the Netherlands, Belgium and Taiwan. This unique sport combines basketball and netball. The sport takes place in teams of 4 men and 4 women, where you must compete to shoot the ball into the opponent’s basket. Players may not dribble, run or walk with the ball. In this sport, there is very little contact between the players. Duels or physical contact between players can only be of the same sex.

5. Cheese Roll

This unique sport includes a fairly large cheese wheel. A cheese wheel is thrown from the top of the hill and many people follow it down. Whoever gets the cheese wheel first at the finish line is the winner. Although unique and challenging adrenaline, this sport is very dangerous to play. The reason is that all participants have to run together on the hill, which can cause injury.

6. Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing is a combination of boxing and chess. This unique sport can train your intelligence, concentration, speed and strength. The game begins with a four-minute round of chess followed by a two-minute round of boxing. You have two options to achieve victory. That is, beat an opponent by KO in boxing or checkmate in chess.

7. Zorbing

This sport is almost like cheese rolling, in which many people race down hills to reach the finish line first. The difference is that Zorbing uses a large transparent ball with one or two people on it. Zorbing is usually done on a slope, but can also be done on a flat surface. The flat playing field is made of wood or metal for easy ball control.

8. Underwater Hockey

The next unique sport is water hockey or water hockey. This sport is very difficult because it requires good swimming skills and proper breathing techniques. As the name suggests, players play hockey in the water. The rules of the game are generally the same as for hockey. The difference is that hockey sticks are much smaller than ice hockey sticks. The pucks used in this sport are made of metal.

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Some of the unique sports above require teamwork to win the match. Others need strength in their intelligence to beat their opponents. Would you like to try any of the above unique sports?

5 Interesting Facts Wm Casino About Barcelona’s New Signer Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is the latest star of the many world-class wm casino players who are ready to play in LaLiga (Spanish League) this season.

His arrival at FC Barcelona, ​​which was confirmed at the end of last week, will certainly make the Spanish football competition even more exciting.

The sharp Polish striker is known around the world, and his goalscoring record and title collection make him one of the most iconic and greatest strikers of the 21st century.

Here are five things the public may not know about him, from his sports-loving family to how natural disasters changed the course of his career.

Coming from a sports family

Lewandowski may be one of the best footballers in the world, but he is not the only member of his family who has dedicated himself to the sport at a professional level.

Her father, Krzysztof Lewandowski, is a former judo champion, while her mother, Iwona Lewandowska, is a professional volleyball player in Poland.

Milena Lewandowski, her sister, followed in her mother’s footsteps and made her way into the Poland Under-21 volleyball team. Robert is married to Anna Stachurska, a Polish karate star who won bronze at the 2009 World Karate Championships.

Really take care of her body

At almost 34 years old, Lewandowski scored an incredible 50 goals in 46 games last season. Such a statistic is only possible thanks to a combination of talent and physical strength, something the Polish striker takes seriously.

Former Bayern Munich team-mate and former Athletic Club star Javi Martinez once said that in pre-season, he would often try to get Robert to try some of the signature sweets he brought from Spain. Lewandowski persistently refused, in line with his strict diet.

Robert has stated on many occasions that he tries to control all the factors that can determine his physical condition, even his sleeping position, in order to minimize the possibility of injury and maximize his performance on the pitch.

His rivalry with Benzema

Eight months separated the birth of two of the best strikers of our time. The careers of Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski have been intertwined for many years, but this season marks the first time they will face each other in the same domestic competition: LaLiga.

They have been present in world football for more than a decade, and now both share the same record as the third highest goalscorer in Champions League history.

Four of those goals came on one memorable night in Dortmund in the 2013 Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid, where Lewandowski’s four goals saw Dortmund through to the final.

A natural disaster changed the course of his career

Back in 2010, during his move to Borussia Dortmund, Lewandowski was originally scheduled to travel to England to visit Blackburn Rovers facilities ahead of his move to the team.

Robert was excited about the opportunity to play in England, but his flight coincided with the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, Mount Eyjafjallajokull, an event that disrupted all air traffic in Europe for several weeks and prevented him from flying to England.

“Did it change my life? Of course, maybe if I fly to England, I will move there,” said Lewandowski later. In the end, Lewandowski moved to Borussia Dortmund and made a lot of history.

Automotive is his hobby

Lewandowski’s interest in sports goes beyond football. He has been seen playing tennis, golf and attending Formula 1 races. Lewandowski has been spotted several times at iconic grand prix events such as Monaco, to indulge in one of his great passions.

“I followed Formula 1 since I was very young and I always remember Michael Schumacher. The achievements are truly extraordinary,” he said of one of his idols and his inspiration.

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South Korea’s ”Twin Goddess” Bullying Scandal: From Volleyball Hero to Common Enemy

South Korea's ''Twin Goddess'' Bullying Scandal From Volleyball Hero to Common Enemy

The growing popularity of professional volleyball competitions in South Korea suddenly collapsed during the long Lunar New Year holiday.

The V-League, the top competition of the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO), has managed to top cable TV ratings for some of the big games and even surpassed baseball.

However, this reputation was damaged after a bullying scandal ensnared two South Korean female volleyball players, Lee Jae-yeong and Lee Da-yeong.

Quoted from the Korean Herald, the Lee Brothers decided to apologize to their former elementary and middle school teammates for their bullying. This action was in response to a long list of accusations filed by one of his former teammates online.

The twin volleyball players nicknamed “The Twin Goddess” are now not playing at their club, the Pink Spiders, until an undetermined time limit. The Pink Spiders team is currently in first place with seven games remaining in the regular season.

Hours after the club’s suspension decision, the Korea Volleyball Association (KVA) and the amateur sports governing body said the twins would be banned from the national team.

Conference Pers

Conference Pers

Whereas, Lee Jae-yeong and Lee Da-yeong helped South Korea get tickets to the Tokyo Olympics by winning the Asian qualifying tournament in January 2020.

However, the revelation of this scandal made KVA refer to the rule book which states that any athlete or official who causes “social problems” with disgraceful acts cannot represent the country in international competitions.

The Lee sisters are the twin daughters of Kim Gyeong-hui and Lee Ju-hyung. The mother, Gyeong-hui, inherited the blood of a volleyball athlete after previously being included in the Korea Volleyball National Team squad at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

From this site information, In addition to playing in the same squad, the Pink Spiders, Lee Jae-yeong and Lee Da-yeong also strengthened the South Korean Volleyball National Team at several prestigious events, including the last two Asian Games series, 2014 and 2018.

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Top Footballers Who Have Been Affected by Sex Scandals

Top Footballers Who Have Been Affected by Sex Scandals

Football and sex are two things that cannot be separated. In the midst of the glitter of European and world football, there are often scandals involving players from year to year, especially young players.

“Because of football, I could be in a different bed every night.”

The above confession was conveyed by one of the young Premier League players who asked to remain anonymous. To the Mirror, he went on to say:

“You’re in your mid-20s with a pile of money and the girls will come to you on their own.”

This player confession is just one of hundreds of footballers who have done the same thing. They have a lot of money to buy everything: luxury homes, luxury cars, and of course commercial sex services.

Over the years, sex scandals have hit the top players. Cristiano Ronaldo has even been accused of raping women, Neymar is the same. Besides, it’s hard to forget other interesting cases. Anything?

Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo Nazario
Ronaldo Nazario, one of the greatest strikers of all time, was involved in a sex scandal with three transgender women at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro in 2008.

Ronaldo tried to pay the sex workers to leave his room immediately, claiming not to know they were actually men. However, at that time the three transgenders actually tried to blackmail Ronaldo.

The police also came to solve this problem, Ronaldo admitted that he was cheated, but the three transgenders had a different point of view, claiming that Ronaldo’s payment was insufficient.

David Beckham

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are one of the exemplary couples that many other footballers should emulate, their family seems harmonious. However, Beckham has actually been involved in a scandal over allegations of infidelity.

April 2004, Beckham reportedly slept with his former personal assistant, Rebecca Loos, even though at that time he was already married to Victoria. Loos said he had no regrets at all, even though at that time he had already given birth to two children.

Reportedly, Beckham had an affair because of a long-distance relationship with Victoria, who at that time lived in the United States. Beckham in the end denied all the allegations.

John Terry

John Terry, England captain and Chelsea captain at the time, reportedly slept with Wayne Bridge’s wife, Vanessa Perroncel (now ex-wife). This scandal is really bad because Terry and Bridge are teammates.

Vanessa denies all these accusations and insists that they are just close friends. However, at that time it seemed the situation had already gone stale.

The scandal had a bad effect on all the players. Terry was removed from the post of captain of the England national team, Bridge’s career immediately slumped.

Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs was involved in a huge controversy in 2011 after it was rumored that he had an affair with hot model at Spadegaming , Imogen Thomas. At that time his condition worsened, Giggs reportedly had an affair for 8 years with his own brother’s wife, Natasha Giggs.

Giggs certainly had to face great anger from his immediate family after Natasha exposed the scandal. What’s worse, Natasha turns out to still have a sibling relationship with Giggs’ wife, Stacey.

Natasha initially kept her affair with Giggs a secret, but when she heard rumors of Giggs playing behind the scenes with Imogen, she was furious and broke it all down.

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3 Cool Goals Week 33 of BRI Liga 1: Great Action Parade of Local Stars

3 Cool Goals

Week 33 of BRI Liga 1 seemed to be a momentum for a number of things, including the confirmation of Bali United as the champion after Persib Bandung only drew with Persik Kediri. One other thing, from 9 matches that were held there were 22 goals created.

Bali United confirmed themselves as champions before competing in week 33 of BRI Liga 1. Persib, who had to settle for sharing points after a goalless draw with Persik, became the momentum for Bali United to become champions.

Even Bali United in the end had to lose in their 33rd week match. Competing against Persebaya Surabaya, Serdadu Tridatu even lost 0-3, which was one of two landslide victories that occurred in the 33rd week.

Another landslide victory was owned by Persipura Jayapura who were struggling to get out of the relegation zone. Persipura who are experiencing difficulties this season are still in 16th place and are in danger of relegation.

If they lose or draw with PSIS Semarang in week 33, it is certain that Mutiara Hitam will be relegated. However, what happened was different. Persipura rose and won a landslide victory 4-0 in the match.

Persipura were not the only team that struggled to avoid relegation and won in the 33rd week. Barito Putera who was right above them also won 2-0 over Persita Tangerang.

Likewise PSS Sleman which is ranked 14th and is still in danger of relegation. PSS Sleman won 3-2 over Persela Lamongan and that made them a pretty safe team with a three-point advantage over Persipura in the standings.

However, this does not necessarily make PSS’s position safe. If they fail to get points in week 34 and Persipura win, they will be under Persipura because they lost in the head to head.

The competition at the bottom of the BRI League 1 is still exciting until the last week. However, before that, let’s check the best goals of the 33rd week.

Hanis Saghara

Hanis Saghara's cool goal

The scheme for the occurrence of these goals is quite good, until finally the final completion of the Indonesian U-19 national team dropouts, really deserves appreciation.

The best goal of the 33rd BRI Liga 1 match was born in the 1973 match between Persikabo and Arema FC. Hanis Saghara scored the only goal that Laskar Padjadjaran got in that match.

Starting from Dimas Drajad’s attempt to open fire but hit the Arema FC defense, Hanis Saghara tried to pick up the ball which was again controlled by his teammate. After getting the ball, Hanis Saghara, who had his back to the goal and was surrounded by the Arema FC defense, tried to keep the ball at his feet.

Until finally the siege of five Arema FC players seemed in vain because Hanis Saghara was able to fire a shot that the Arema FC goalkeeper, Adilson Maringa, could not see. His kick ball shot into the corner of the Arema FC goal and could not be reached by the Brazilian goalkeeper.

Ahmad Alfarizi

Ahmad Alfarizi's cool goal

Still from the same match, the second best goal in the 33rd week of BRI Liga 1 was created after the goal scored by Hanis Saghara. Just four minutes later, Arema FC captain, Ahmad Alfarizi, scored a goal with a very good scheme.

The excellent collaboration shown by Ahmad Alfarizi, Dendi Santoso and Carlos Fortes resulted in a sweet goal.

Ahmad Alfarizi, who came forward to assist the attack, was stopped in front of the Persikabo 1973 penalty box. However, he decided to give the ball to Carlos Fortes while running into the heart of Persikabo’s 1973 defense.

The ball that was given to Fortes was immediately returned by the Arema FC bomber to Ahmad Alfarizi who entered the opponent’s penalty box. Alfarizi who received the ball immediately gave it again to Dendi Santoso who was on his right.

Dendi Santoso also seemed to be a wall that reflected the ball back to Alfarizi, who was already dealing with Syaiful Trisna Fadillah and struck the ball very well.

Ferdinand Sinaga

Ferdinand Sinaga's cool goal

According to the site, the third cool goal that occurred in the 33rd week of BRI Liga 1 was created in the duel between PSM Makassar and Persiraja Banda Aceh which ended with a narrow 1-0 score. The only goal that was created in the match was scored by Ferdinand Sinaga.

Starting from Wiljan Pluim’s long pass which was received by Yakob Sayuri with his head control, the ball was then directed by Yakob to the back and received by Ferdinand Sinaga who is in a good position in front of the Persiraja penalty box.

Ferdinand Sinaga also fired a shot bounced with his left foot into the left corner of the Persiraja goal. The ball that glided beautifully failed to be dispelled by Persiraja goalkeeper, Aji Bayu Putra, who was already out of the nest.

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The Plan for Adding Indonesian MotoGP Spectators at the Mandalika Circuit

The Plan for Adding Indonesian MotoGP Spectators at the Mandalika Circuit

The Plan for Adding Pgsoft Slot Indonesia in Indonesian MotoGP Spectators at the Mandalika Circuit to Increase from 63 Thousand to 100 Thousand, Jokowi Calls Agree

The response of MotoGP fans to the Indonesian MotoGP at the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok in March is very high.

Therefore, there is an option to increase the ticket quota from 63 thousand to 100 thousand spectators. According to the Minister of Economy Airlangga Hartanto, President Joko Widodo has approved the plan to add tickets to the MotoGP race at the Mandalika Circuit.

“Regarding the MotoGP audience tickets according to yesterday’s meeting, there was an additional request from 63,000 to 100 thousand,” said Minister Airlangga at a virtual press conference on Sunday (16/01/2022).

“Well, this is the President who has given his approval. It’s just a matter of implementation later,” he continued.

Of course, the situation for the implementation of the Indonesian MotoGP also still depends on how the number of COVID-19 in the country is.

Moreover, it was previously predicted that the new variant of Omicron would enter the highest transmission phase in February to March.

Moreover, it was previously predicted that the new variant of Omicron would enter the highest transmission phase in February to March.

Previously, President Joko Widodo highlighted various preparations to welcome the Indonesian MotoGP at the Mandalika Circuit. He asked that infrastructure preparations be completed in February.

“Therefore, this must be prepared, and I asked earlier in February, everything can be completed,” said Jokowi after visiting the Gerupuk Village Homestay, Central Lombok, NTB, broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat Youtube via, Friday (14/1).

He said the Lombok International Airport Bypass road to the Mandalika Circuit, which is the location for the MotoGP, would be improved and beautified. Jokowi wants MotoGP participants and spectators to be treated to an aesthetic view during the trip to the Mandalika Circuit.

“We hope that from the airport to Mandalika, the Mandalika Circuit will really bring guests to beauty, to good aesthetics,” he explained.

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Who Will Win Euro 2021?

Who Will Win Euro 2021

The EURO 2021 semifinal match, Denmark vs England will be held on Thursday, 8 July 2021, starting at 02.00 WIB. The match at Wembley Stadium, London can be watched via RCTI live broadcast and Mola TV live streaming. A surprise opportunity was created by Team Dynamite again even though they had to play England at home.

The Danish national team once made a big surprise in the 1992 edition of the European Cup which was held in Sweden. At that time, they came with the status of a substitute for Yugoslavia who received sanctions.

Under the direction of the coach, Richard Møller Nielsen, the Danish national team at that time only had 10 days to prepare before plunging into the 1992 European Cup.”I was supposed to make a new kitchen [at my house] but then we were called to play in Sweden,” said Nielsen, the coach.Among the famous names that were carried by Denmark at that time, there was a goalkeeper who had strengthened Manchester United, Peter Schmeichel. Also there is Brian Laudrup, a player who had worn the uniform of Bayern Munich, Fiorentina and Chelsea. Others are Torben Piechnik, Lars Olsen, Henrik Larsen, to the main striker Flemming Povlsen.

The appearance shown by Denmark at the 1992 European Cup was actually not too impressive in the group phase. After holding England to a goalless 0-0 draw, they were beaten by Sweden 0-1. The 3rd match became the beginning of the Danish revival, because they won 2-1 over France.

The Red and White (the nickname of the Danish National Team) qualified for the knockout phase as runners-up with only 3 points. They are under group winners, Sweden, and can beat France (ranked 3) and England (caretaker).

In the knock-out phase or directly to the semifinals, the opponent faced was the Netherlands. The duel against Team Oranje ended with a 2-2 draw at normal time.

The match continued to the penalty shootout. Denmark won and managed to get rid of the Netherlands via a score of 5-4. Denmark then strolled into the 1992 European Cup final and challenged Germany.

In the final match which was held on June 26, 1992 in Ullevi, Gothenburg, they really made a surprise. Denmark was able to beat Germany with a score of 2 goals without reply. The two goals were scored by John Jensen and Kim Vilfort.

Denmark came out as champion of the European Cup in 1992 as well as won their inaugural title on the stage of interstate blue football. His shocking performance at EURO 1992 made the nickname Danish Dynamite (Team Dynamite), which emerged when they qualified for the 1986 World Cup, increasingly attached to the Danish national team.

Danish odds at EURO 2021

Danish odds at EURO 2021

At EURO 2021, Denmark is able to advance to the semifinals, as they did at the 1992 European Cup. This time, they also managed to qualify for the knockout phase with only 3 points and finished runner-up in Group B, behind Belgium.

In the round of 16, the team now coached by Kasper Hjulmand crushed Wales with a score of 4-0. Next, the Czechs were eliminated by Denmark in the quarter-finals through a narrow 2-1 victory.

In the upcoming semifinals, Andreas Christensen and colleagues get an opponent that is not easy to beat. The reason is, England has not been touched by defeat plus holds a clean sheet record at EURO 2021.

Just one more step for Denmark to return to appear in the European Cup final. If they can get past The Three Lions, Team Dynamite has the potential to create another big surprise like in 1992.

“It’s really magical (getting through to the semi-finals). I showed the players a photo of Wembley when we were there in the fall.

The ambition to advance to the EURO 2021 final also has special meaning for Denmark’s main goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel. Because, he has the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of his father, Peter Schmeichel, who both have tasted the European Cup title. For your additional information, you can use this link if you wan try to play the demo slot game.. 

Record That Christian Ronaldo Can Get In 2021

Record That Christian Ronaldo Can Get In 2021

From the review data of ION CASINO site said that Juventus superstar from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, was recently awarded the award for the best footballer of the century. If you look at his achievements so far, of course what Ronaldo has got is not something that is surprising. Because, he won so many achievements, both with the club and individually.

Even though he is no longer young, he still performed brilliantly during 2020. However, it doesn’t stop there, the former Real Madrid player has the potential to break a number of records in 2021. What records can the player nicknamed CR7 break? Check this out!

1. First player to win six Champions League titles

So far, Ronaldo has won five Champions League titles. He made this achievement with two different clubs, namely Real Madrid (4 times) and Manchester United (1 time). That record is at the same time the most since the Champions League era which began in the 1992/1993 season.

If he is able to lead Juventus to win the 2020/2021 Champions League season, Ronaldo will extend it to six trophies. Currently, Real Madrid legend Francisco Gento has won the most Champions League titles, six times. However, Gento won all of that when the competition was still called the European Cup.

2. Top scorer in the European Cup

Top scorer in the European Cup

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, several international events that were supposed to be held in 2020 were postponed to 2021. One of them is the European Cup. In this event, Ronaldo, who will appear with his country, has a great opportunity to break the record as the top scorer in history.

Currently, the 35-year-old player has actually become the player with the most goals scored in the event with a score of nine goals. However, he had to share a place with Michel Platini, the legend of French football, with the same number of goals. Therefore, CR7 only needs one more goal to make him the only player who has scored the most goals in the European Cup.

3. Past Lionel Messi’s record in the Champions League

In 2021, Ronaldo also has the opportunity to pass Lionel Messi’s record in the Champions League. The reason is, currently the two best players have created as many hat-tricks, namely 8 times in the Champions League.

If the Portuguese man is able to score another hat trick in the knockout stages of this season’s Champions League, he will overtake his rival. CR7’s chances to pass that record are quite wide as he always manages to score goals in the knockout stages with Juventus.

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4. Top scorer in the Premier League, Spain and Italy

Top scorer in the Premier League, Spain and Italy

During his time with top clubs in Europe, Christian Ronaldo always managed to score many goals for his team. The proof is, while he was still playing for Real Madrid and Manchester United, he was always the main focus for scoring goals to win a number of top scorer titles in the Spanish League and English Premier League.

However, the Portuguese superstar has not been able to beat the highest competition in Italy, Serie A, with Juventus. However, this is very possible for Ronaldo to make it happen this season. Because, he is currently the top scorer in Serie A with a score of 12 goals.

5. Top score throughout history at the international level

The most prestigious record that Ronaldo can break in 2021 is to become the all-time top scorer at the international level with the national team. Currently, Ronaldo has scored 102 goals for the Portuguese national team.

That record still lost seven goals to Iranian football legend, Ali Daei, who created 109 goals for his country. If you look at the FIFA schedule, there are many international matches that will be held, one of which is the European Cup. Seeing these conditions, Ronaldo has a great opportunity to surpass the goals created by Ali Daei.