8 Unique Sports From Around The World

8 Unique Sports From Around The World

Exercise is one way to keep your body healthy. Soccer, badminton and volleyball are three popular and popular sports the data we got from daftar maxbet indonesia. But did you know that different countries have a variety of unique sports? Some of these unique and strange sports are becoming increasingly popular because they spark the adrenaline in athletes. There are also unique sports that have become annual competitions in several countries. Wondering what sports are like? Here are 8 unique and strange sports from around the world.

Unique Sports From Around The World

1. Wife Carrying

As the name suggests, wives-carrying is a unique sport played by husbands and wives. In fact, the basis of this sport is to compete with speed. But the husband has to carry her wife on her shoulders and reach the finish line to win her game. The uniqueness of this sport is that men should carry her wife in her best position, with her feet above her shoulders and her head facing her husband’s back. The couple who crossed the finish line the fastest will receive a prize in the form of beer. The amount of beer given is equal to the weight of the wife.

2. Sepak Takraw

Originating in Southeast Asia, this sport is also known as kick volleyball or volleyball. Sepak takraw has actually been played since the 15th century. Nevertheless, this sport was not played by many. This sport requires high skill. Athletes must use the strength of their legs, knees, chest and head when striking the rattan ball.

3. Quidditch Muggles

This unique sport was adapted from a game played by the protagonist in JK Rowling’s popular Harry Potter book. The sport was first played in Vermont, USA in 2005. Muggle Quidditch is a combination of rugby, dodgeball and handball games. Each team has 1 guard, 2 hitters, 1 seeker and 3 hunters. As in the Harry Potter movies, all players must always carry a broomstick between their legs.

4. Corpball

Korfball is very popular in the Netherlands, Belgium and Taiwan. This unique sport combines basketball and netball. The sport takes place in teams of 4 men and 4 women, where you must compete to shoot the ball into the opponent’s basket. Players may not dribble, run or walk with the ball. In this sport, there is very little contact between the players. Duels or physical contact between players can only be of the same sex.

5. Cheese Roll

This unique sport includes a fairly large cheese wheel. A cheese wheel is thrown from the top of the hill and many people follow it down. Whoever gets the cheese wheel first at the finish line is the winner. Although unique and challenging adrenaline, this sport is very dangerous to play. The reason is that all participants have to run together on the hill, which can cause injury.

6. Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing is a combination of boxing and chess. This unique sport can train your intelligence, concentration, speed and strength. The game begins with a four-minute round of chess followed by a two-minute round of boxing. You have two options to achieve victory. That is, beat an opponent by KO in boxing or checkmate in chess.

7. Zorbing

This sport is almost like cheese rolling, in which many people race down hills to reach the finish line first. The difference is that Zorbing uses a large transparent ball with one or two people on it. Zorbing is usually done on a slope, but can also be done on a flat surface. The flat playing field is made of wood or metal for easy ball control.

8. Underwater Hockey

The next unique sport is water hockey or water hockey. This sport is very difficult because it requires good swimming skills and proper breathing techniques. As the name suggests, players play hockey in the water. The rules of the game are generally the same as for hockey. The difference is that hockey sticks are much smaller than ice hockey sticks. The pucks used in this sport are made of metal.

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Some of the unique sports above require teamwork to win the match. Others need strength in their intelligence to beat their opponents. Would you like to try any of the above unique sports?