South Korea’s ”Twin Goddess” Bullying Scandal: From Volleyball Hero to Common Enemy

South Korea's ''Twin Goddess'' Bullying Scandal From Volleyball Hero to Common Enemy

The growing popularity of professional volleyball competitions in South Korea suddenly collapsed during the long Lunar New Year holiday.

The V-League, the top competition of the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO), has managed to top cable TV ratings for some of the big games and even surpassed baseball.

However, this reputation was damaged after a bullying scandal ensnared two South Korean female volleyball players, Lee Jae-yeong and Lee Da-yeong.

Quoted from the Korean Herald, the Lee Brothers decided to apologize to their former elementary and middle school teammates for their bullying. This action was in response to a long list of accusations filed by one of his former teammates online.

The twin volleyball players nicknamed “The Twin Goddess” are now not playing at their club, the Pink Spiders, until an undetermined time limit. The Pink Spiders team is currently in first place with seven games remaining in the regular season.

Hours after the club’s suspension decision, the Korea Volleyball Association (KVA) and the amateur sports governing body said the twins would be banned from the national team.

Conference Pers

Conference Pers

Whereas, Lee Jae-yeong and Lee Da-yeong helped South Korea get tickets to the Tokyo Olympics by winning the Asian qualifying tournament in January 2020.

However, the revelation of this scandal made KVA refer to the rule book which states that any athlete or official who causes “social problems” with disgraceful acts cannot represent the country in international competitions.

The Lee sisters are the twin daughters of Kim Gyeong-hui and Lee Ju-hyung. The mother, Gyeong-hui, inherited the blood of a volleyball athlete after previously being included in the Korea Volleyball National Team squad at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

From this site information, In addition to playing in the same squad, the Pink Spiders, Lee Jae-yeong and Lee Da-yeong also strengthened the South Korean Volleyball National Team at several prestigious events, including the last two Asian Games series, 2014 and 2018.

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